Electrical & Pneumatic Conduiting Systems

Hygenelec is a specialist supplier to the food, dairy, and,related industries, where progressive and innovative engineering is the norm, Hygenelec is there providing premium quality for niche market requirements.

 Hygenelec has established itself as a quality provider since 1992 and has since then, with the development of its hygienic conduit system, become well-known throughout the Australian and international food industry as a standard for electrical cable and pneumatic tube conduiting. 

We have now diversified into stainless steel tube fittings plus a range of premium quality sealants specifically designed for the food and beverage industries.

Steel Products

Precision and high-quality, Stainless Steel Elbows, Stainless Steel Tube Tees, Stainless Steel, Tube Bends, Stainless Steel Pipe Clamps. Read more…


Hygenelec is a flexible, tough, and affordable conduiting system. Made from quality materials, the system will provide practical solutions Read more…


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Why Hygenelec?

Single Man Installation

Can be installed by a single  Electrician with only a hacksaw & a hole saw.

Greater Safety

The Hygenelec clearly differentiates process pipes from electrical conduits reducing mistakes that can cost lives,

Proven Record

Established in 1992 and well-known throughout the Australian and international food industry

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